Word Association Test Complete Guide For ISSB!

Word Association Test


Word Association Test method was first used by C.G. Jung in 1905 to find out the ideas and measure the behavior of an individual. We can say that the test was introduced to unearth the desires of a student. Later the test was adapted by Kent and Rosen in 1910. They made a list to check the response to it by individuals. WAT is very important is indeed very useful to discover feelings, tone and problems of the candidate under evaluation.

Word Association Test In ISSB:

Word Association Test also known as WAT is the next step in the psychological tests. It is a modern technique used by psychologists to access personality. In this tests words are shown on projector to the candidates. With the help of these sentences the psychologists in the ISSB panel access the mentality of the student. 100 words are displayed on the projector. You will be given pages to write the sentences. Each page will have space for 25 sentences.

It is not necessary that you use the exact word in your sentence. For example for the Word “Garden” sentences can be.

  • Ali went for jogging.
  • Flowers are beautiful.
  • There are many trees in the garden.

Look the meaning is clear from all the sentences however the word is not used in all.

Time:Word Association Test Complete Guide For ISSB!

Well the time is very limited. Each word will show up for 10 seconds only. If the candidate is unable to write the sentence next word will display automatically. Which means the previous word is skipped. Speed up yourself in this test and try not to miss any word.

What’s Needed?

Time management is the main thing in it. The student needs to be positive in this segment as well. Try to make short sentences but they should be meaningful.

Tips For Word Association Test:Word Association Test Complete Guide For ISSB!

  • First and the foremost manage your time.
  • Write the first thing which comes to your mind. That is your natural approach. Don’t try to make artificial sentences.
  • Writing should be clean and readable.
  • The test is not to check your grammar it’s to check your mentality. Don;t focus on grammar mainly. Focus on what you are writing. (Grammar however should be right as well but meaning is more important)
  • Write short sentences. Don;t go for long one’s. They will waste your time.
  • Due to less time your sentence structure may mess up. Don;t fix it go for the next sentence.
  • Once written don;t remove it or overwrite it. Once done go for the next one.
  • You can use the words in any form, Verb, Noun and Adjective etc.
  • Use the names of your close friends. Avoid using He, She and It.
  • Avoid I, Me, Myself in sentences.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Don’t start your sentence with “because” “be” or “May”.
  • Follow the social norms and patterns. Don’t write anti social sentences.
  • Don’t write only on armed sentences. Buttering won’t work there.
  • Never write memorized sentences.
  • Avoid negativity. Be optimistic and positive in your sentences.
  • Practice a lot to gain speed in English writing.

What Type Of Qualities You Need To Show:

  • Active
  • Alertness
  • Hard Working
  • Calm
  • Sportsman
  • Obedient
  • Brave
  • Honest
  • Positivism

TEST- (Word Association Test)


1. Hope ———Ali hope to get good grades.
2. Fever ————Nauman recovered from the fever quickly.
3. Strict ————The rules of football are very strict.
4. Want ————Ali wanted to join army.
5. Bold —————Ahmed is bold and confident.
6. Ahead ————Sohail is always ahead in games.
7. Respect ————Sohail earned a lot of respect due to games.
8. Zeal ————Students sang national anthem with full zeal.
9. Insult —————Ali escaped the insult due to complete work.
10. Question —————He answered all questions except one.
11. Old ——————The school is quite old.
12. Strength —————Games are my strength.
13. Contact —————Ali contacted us all for the trip.
14. Mountain ————We visited the mountains on trip.
15. Last ——————Ali was the last hope in the game.
16. Strike —————Ali strikes the ball out of stadium.
17. Revenge ————We revenged the game with a clean sweep.
18. Black —————The teams kit was black.
19. Hesitate ————Do not hesitate in asking questions.
20. Hospital —————Hospital had all the facilities.
21. Night —————We played a day night match.
22. Dear —————Ahmed is very dear to his family.
23. Lion —————Lion is brave.
24. Available ———All the players were available.

Video demonstration is helpful? Should we make more such videos?

Exercise 2

TEST- (Word Association Test)


1. Pretty ————Haseeb had pretty clothes.
2. Admire ————Adeel admired the Intelligence of Waseem.
3. Glimpse ———We had a glimpse of the mountain.
4. Tremble ———He trembled and fell during the game.
5. Coward ———A coward can never succeed.
6. Pinch ———I pinched myself to make sure I am not dreaming.
7. Desperate ———Haseeb was desperate to win today’s game.
8. Restrict ———Ahmed got the restrictions due to fouls in the game.
9. Crime ———The crime was investigated by police.
10. Money ———He had enough money to start business.
11. Action ———The movie was action packed.
12. Flower ———Flower were very beautiful.
13. Think ———I was thinking about my fellows.
14. Beautiful ———Haseeb had a beautiful car.
15. Change ————The scene automatically changed due to clouds.
16. Fear ————Fear no one except Allah.
17. Tough ———The exercise was quite tough.
18. Status ———His family status is very respectable.
19. War ———War brings destruction.
20. Youth ———Youth of Pakistan is talented.
21. Arrest ———The police arrested the thief’s.
22. Destroy ————The terrorists hideouts were destroyed by the Army.
23. Terrorism ———Army is on full gear to eliminate terrorism.
24. Provide ———I provided my information on the form.

In case you want to download the test The link is given below:Word Association Test Complete Guide For ISSB!

Download Test 1

Download Test 2

Download Test 3

Download Test 4

Download Test 5

Download Test 6

We hope these tests will prove fruitful for you all. Have your say about the article.Word Association Test Complete Guide For ISSB!Share your views in the comments below 🙂

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