What Makes A Hero? What All You Need To Become One

What Makes A Hero?

What Makes A Hero? What All You Need To Become One

Well what makes him special? What Makes A Hero? What a hero really is? Let’s discuss these common questions specially asked by the children. Why a hero is ideal for all the kids. Why do they idealize harry Potter and not you? We will also discuss what all is common in all these heroes and makes them better and more demanding form other people.

Actually it is kind of the same thing which makes them a hero and then we have many faces of a single hero.  Joseph Campbell believed that and wrote a book as well “hero with a thousand faces”

What is the journey of a hero? Let’s discuss it:

His journey is actually a complete cycle which begins in his ordinary world. It’s not that he gets some special treatment which then makes him a hero. He quests for things for which he had to pass through unfamiliar and a very special world which may seem quite odd to others. The hero cycle is explained below…

Status Quo:

They don’t follow the world blindly. They say good bye to the status quo. No matter what it is if a hero receives a call or a message for adventure he surely goes for it. Keeping the consequences aside he accepts the challenge and finally get the success.


He needs assistance for sure. Nobody is fully independent or perfect in this world so they need help. From whom will he get the help? This is the real thing they will go to someone who is wiser and much more intelligent from them. They never think that they are everything. They learn to appreciate others and get things from others which benefit them.


The hero leaves his comfort zone and crosses the threshold to enter the special world with an unknown challenge waiting for him.


Being hero is not an easy thing. He goes through many things in his way to the adventure. Slaying the monster is not the only thing he may face many other hurdles in his life.


The next comes the biggest fear for the hero. He may face an enemy 100 times stronger then him but he remains consistent there as well. His approach is positive he faces it with an open heart and defeats it.


Success is not sure always. The enemy may hit him or he may face any kind of problem in his way. The crisis is part of his life. How he deals with the crisis in important. This is the darkest hour in the life of a hero. He faces most dangerous threat which is death. In case he recovers this very difficult stage then the next thing is too good to ask for.


What Makes A Hero? What All You Need To Become One

The crisis didn’t betray him and he led to success now a treasure may wait for him there.


The results are important whether that was the only threat he was afraid of? Will the end of that monster lead him to a better world and he may have another problem in the way as well.


After doing all the adventures now the hero returns back to his normal ordinary world.

New life:

As he goes through all these hardships now he is a totally new man. He can now face many things in life which he may not before.

Then again the next thing is status quo but now he is upgraded and to a new level. He is a better and brave man now.

Almost all the books and movies which comes up with heroic stories follow this cycle and shows the same things.


Get out of your comfort zone and try something. Face new challenges and hardships and in the end you will become and better and improved man. What makes them hero just the consequences which we also face in our life but we don’t go after them. What makes them a hero is that they go after them no matter what cost they have to pay for it.

You certainly don’t have to fight dragons or Voldemort. Fight the common problems which you are facing in your life and your life will be changed.

Joseph Campbell Said:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”

What Makes A Hero? What All You Need To Become One

Now recall what all was that you feared to enter? Auditions in the college, Baseball trails, Love.

Watch for this formula in the books and movies and you will remember the article at that time for sure. Now thing is not that only see it in movies and books be sensitive for it in your life as well.

Get up and do these things immediately

  • Listen your call for challenge.
  • Accept the challenge.
  • Conquer your fears.
  • Claim the treasure you seek.

The Video Describes all the steps required in What Makes A Hero?

And then do it all over again

I hope now you know exactly What Makes A Hero? Now tell me are you going to listen the call?

Credits: TED

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