Urdu Novels Here Are 6 Everybody Loved

Urdu Novels is an addiction for some people. People not only read them but feels that character as well. This is only because of the classic writing that too by the writers of new generation.

You must have heard Books are the best friend. Yes absolutely they are because when everybody laves you they don’t.

Here are 6 Urdu Novels loved by everyone.

Jannat Ke Pattay (Nimra Ahmed)Urdu Novels

This is a story of a girl who struggles with her relationship with her husband and eventually starts struggling for her relationship with Allah. She goes through a lot while deciding to do pardah. Also this novel pays a subtle tribute to the unsung heroes of Army- the intelligence officers. This book is enough to make a girl strong and firm about her decisions, emotions and relations! Also it takes you all the way to Turkey and trust me, you would definitely want to visit Turkey after reading this book! 

Mushaf (Nimra Ahmed)Urdu Novels

Mushaf is a beautiful story about how the verses of Quran impact our lives in ways we don’t even see and understand. How the light of Quran brighten our lives, our hearts, our thoughts and us! Also, the story throws light on how a child is left ignorant without a father. For some, this novel might develop the interest and want of studying and understanding the Qur’an. 

Namal (Nimra Ahmed)Urdu Novels

This is a totally family oriented story. It beautifully describes all the problems and ups and downs that a family faces and also its solutions. Also, it has some amazing intelligence and criminal investigations. It is a complete package of thriller, suspense, mystery, and romance! 

KARAKORAM KA TAJ MEHAL (Nimra Ahmed)Urdu Novels

Attention all travel lovers! This novel is a treat for you all. It’s all about a girl whose love for mountains is unimaginable. She plans for a trip to Rakaposhi and there she finds her soulmate. The novel is an absolute fairy tale kinda thing and you keep falling in love with the prince charming who is the hero. Also, it makes you explore the exotic beauty of Pakistan through a book.  An incredibly fantastic love story to read!

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Pir E Kamil (Umaira Ahmed)Urdu Novels

This is a famous novel about how a girl finds the truth about a religion and converts. All the hardships that she faces during her journey and how she meets the one she got married to. It has its sequel by the name Aab e Hayat. Very interesting to read! 

La Hasil  (Umaira Ahmed)Urdu Novels

This is my personal favorite novel. Absolutely relatable. It’s all about how we run after materialism and the kind of worldly and mercenary approach we all posses… And at the end of the day, everything that we had been running after turns out to be La Haasil.  

So whenever you get the time must read these novels.

Have you read any of these Urdu Novels? If yes how was it? Did you enjoyed reading?


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