The Most Beautiful Animal In The World Guess Top 10

The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

Animals in this world are very special to us. They are just a wonder of this world. We all love animals for sure and they deserve that love rightly. The team HAW Info is looking deep into the animals and compiling a list of the animals which seems most beautiful to the eyes. The list of the most beautiful animal in the world is made by our panel by looking into different features and looks of all the animals.

There are almost 9 million animals in this world and you would be unfamiliar with most of them for sure. In short we can say that beauty is not only in the animals we see around us in our daily life. We have placed 10 animals in our list and gave an outlook about their features as well. Their colors are something which attracts the eyes most and then adaption to the environment also plays an important role.

10-Mandarin FishThe Most Beautiful Animal In The World Guess Top 10

Mandarin fish is found in the south west pacific ocean. That means it is close to Philippines, Australia and Taiwan. As the name also resembles some Chinese taste, the fish is having the colors as worn by Chinese mandarin or bureaucrats. The blue color in it is the most unique thing in it because it is coming from cellular pigment which is very rare in these types of species. The length of Mandarin fish is just 6 cm. Mandarin fish eats crustaceans and mostly remains in reefs and lagoons.

9-Fennec FoxThe Most Beautiful Animal In The World Guess Top 10

Next animal on the list is Fennec fox which is found in the desert of Sahara and North Africa. Their ears are quite huge and sometimes can grow up to 15 cm long. They radiate heat from them. This is a technique used by them to prey. It is a nocturnal animal which hunts small mammals, insects and birds mostly at night. Their age can go up to 14 years as well. The size can also go to 40 cm and the tail is not in this which is almost 30 cm. Their predator is eagle owl. They snarl, bark and purr as well. Fennec fox is the national animal of Algeria and the word Fennec is actually an Arabic word which means fox.

8-Black Backed Kingfisher The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

The length of Black Backed Kingfisher is approximately 13 cm in length. Black backed kingfisher lives in India and Southeast Asia. The best places to live for this are rivers, stream and wooden areas. Snails and insects are the food of this black backed kingfisher. It also eats crabs, frog and some lizards as well which are small in size. Their nests are like tunnels which can extend up to a meter long as well. They mostly build their tunnels on the river banks. Digging their nests is not an easy thing for them they can take almost a week to complete their nest.

7-Zanzibar Red Colobus The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

This is a monkey named as Zanzibar red colobus. They name is Zanzibar because it only lives on Zanzibar. They are found in abundance in Tanzanian island Zanzibar. Their specie is in danger because only 3000 of them are left in this world. Their smell is quite unusual and that is why the views of the people there are not good about them. They call them poison monkey. They live in the form of groups which are almost of 50 monkeys. Their food includes flowers, seeds, leaves which are found in coastal areas and forests. Unripe fruit is also liked by them. The fact that shocks everyone is that they eat charcoal to aid the digestion.

6-Caracal The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

Well the word caracal means black ear and the word actually came from Turkish language. Caracal can adapt them in different situations. They can hear the smallest sounds around them as well. Their ears are flexible and tufted. They leap into air to catch birds. Their food includes reptiles, mammals and gazelles. They can grow up to a meter long in their shape and mostly lives in the Middle East and Africa. Their tail is quite long and can stretches up to 30 cm tail.

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5-Candy Crab The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

It is a monotypic genus. They don’t have any closely related species left. Their length is 2 cm long. They can camouflage themselves everywhere and that is why they can habitat themselves everywhere. Mostly their color is red however they can turn themselves into pink, yellow and white as well. They live in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

4-Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird lives in the central South America and eastern side of America. They mostly prefer open areas, coastal regions, gardens and sparse woodland for them. The thing which they hate is the rain forests that too which are dense. Their tail is quite long and covers half of the body size. The body size of Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird is up to 16 cm. Their color is blue, green and purple and the speed of its wing is very fast. They approximately beat 20 times in a second. Their nature is quite aggressive when it comes to other birds.

3-Poison Dart Frog The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

Poison Dart Frog resides in the areas of South America and Central America. Their length is from 1.5 cm to 6 cm long in length. The name of the frog is named after it was used for poison. Their secretion is used for different purposes like appetite suppressants, muscle relaxants and heart stimulants. Poison Dart Frogs colors are very bright which keeps all the hostile things away from them. Their species in the world are a lot ad when it comes to numbers they cross the figure of 175. Size and color of all these species vary from one another.

2-Tiger The Most Beautiful Animal In The World

This one is the most eye catching animal when it comes to the big cats. Their weight is over 300 kg and can stretch them up to 3.3 meters long. Their lifespan is almost 26 years.  However all of their species are endangered because only 4000 of them are left in this world. The most common among them is Bengal tigers and Siberian is the rarest among them. Tigers are found in the areas like Southeast Asia, India and parts of Russia which includes Siberia. Their skin is camouflage and the pattern underneath their skin is also same.

1-Sunset MothThe Most Beautiful Animal In The World

Sunset moth is beautiful specie which lives in the areas of Madagascar. Its colors are very unique and very catchy to the eyes. Its often asymmetrical pattern of colors is caused by the optical interference and scattering of light by curved, partially reflective scales on the moth’s wings. The wingspan of Sunset moth can extend up to 11 cm. people often regard them as butterflies as well. Their color, tail resembles that of the butterflies. Their bright colors are like a guard for them and keep the predators away from them.

Beauty of the animals is not confined to a count. There are many beautiful animals which could not make it to this list but are very catchy to human eyes. These are just based on the opinion of people and the animals which looks most catchy to the eyes.

Your suggestions are always welcome so if you think some animal deserve to be part of The Most Beautiful Animal In The World then comment below and we will make it part of our list. Then there is another thing that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. The opinion about the beauty of all these animals would differ from man to man. We hope most of them are liked by you as well.

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