Sugar Addiction? Here Is What It Can Do To Your Health

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction? Well Sugar in the recent times came up as a big disease. As we know that cure for the disease is already there. Even then the sugar patients should take care of themselves.

Even if you are still safe from it we are going to discuss some of it’s terrible effects. If you are unaware then God be with you.

Haw Info will give you 4 reasons why you should clearly say no to sugar addition

Sugar accelerates skin aging

When it enters into bloodstream, it quickly links itself with chemicals which are protein and collagen which are there to ensure the youth of the skin.

  • Firstly the interaction destroys the proteins. This leads to dryness in the skin which ultimately brings wrinkles on your skin.
  • Secondly, it produces some harmful substances as well. It makes it more prominent to sun which is the biggest aging factor.

Sugar Addiction Here Is What It Can Do To Your Health

Sugar promotes inflammation

It also promotes the appearance of pimple and wrinkles on the skin. Literally it aggregates inflammation. A disease named arthritis is also said to be very close with the high consumption of sugar which causes inflammation.

Sometimes we drink hot tea to treat cold. In that case sugar becomes a breeding ground for inflamed throat. This proves that these methods to treat cold are very harmful in daily life.

Sugar Addiction Here Is What It Can Do To Your Health

Sugar causes cardiovascular disease  


One of the main reasons behind the cardiovascular diseases are the high consumption of sugar. Doctors thought if you cut your high fat diet you can control these diseases but now we know that it is not possible if the sweets are still in our diet.

Situation completely changed in the 21st century as the new researches have taken place. Recent studies have shown that sugar upgrades your cholesterol level.

Sugar Addiction Here Is What It Can Do To Your Health

Sugar literally drives you crazy

  • Studies showed that sugar is a cause of depression as well. This happens because sugar lowers the BDNF hormone level. It is more common in patients of depression and schizophrenia.
  • Studies have also shown that sugar can increase anxiety as well. The irony is that we try to deal out anxiety by eating sweets.
  • Studies have also shown that rats grow much more stupid due to consumption of sugar. Scientists think this links to the sugar affecting the ability of learning and memory.

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