Solved Pointer Story Writing For ISSB Exercise

Solved Pointer Story Writing For ISSB Guess What You Need

Solved Pointer Story Writing For ISSB

Solved Pointer Story Writing For ISSB also known as Pointer stories are the next thing in ISSB. An incomplete line is given to the candidate and they need to make a story of it.

The story should be meaningful and if it contains a moral as well then that is good for the candidate. 3:30 seconds are given to the candidate for this task.

Some Tips:

  • Read the incomplete story carefully.
  • Think about an idea for 30 seconds.
  • Start from the last word of the incomplete line.
  • Do not copy anyone’s ideas.
  • Time management is important.
  • The concept should not be written before in your tests.
  • Practice with the exercises given below.
  •  Always write positive.
  • Make the story or Paragraph interesting.
  • Do not write the negative thoughts (you know what i mean) , or you will be out .
  • Do not hurry thought for a little moment & then start writing.
  • Make your concept clear, & bring conciseness in it.
  • It doesn’t matter that your story end or not what matters is that what you have written in it , so choose your words carefully.
  • Do not write fancy thing because that will not impress the staff there rather then it could be trouble for you.
  • Use one word substitutes more in the paragraph to make is short & conceptual.
  • Use generally used words instead of using the words who are complicated to save the time of the staff there.

Here is an Example for you Story Writing For ISSB

1- Ali was alone in home in a stormy night and all of sudden………………………    Solution

2- In hot summer days, I was passing through the jungle when………………….. Solution

3- He had suffered many hardships in life and lost all hopes but…………………. Solution


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