Self Confidence, 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Self Confidence, 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

What is Self Confidence? Many times in our life we are just surrounded with failure around us. Did this happened to you ever? Well in this situation everybody around us says just be more confident. What is this Confidence? How can we get it? Is it natural or we need to develop this with practice? These questions are answered here.

HAW Info will reveal the tips to increase your confidence. First of all let me tell you it is not a big thing. This is just the self esteem and self knowing. You need to add optimism in your thoughts. Optimism in your work. Just smile in the very difficult situations of life. The next things is act courageously and face the challenges of your life with a smile on face and chest up. This is what i call the Self Confidence.

How To Be Confident?

This will turn your thoughts into actions in no time. Now the question is where does this confidence comes from? There are several factors that impacts your confidence.

Firstly your genetics impacts your confidence a lot. There is a clear chance that if your parents are shy and less confident the same is transferred to you as well. Genes impact the balance of neurochemicals in your brain.

Secondly how you are treated? This include what social network you have. This also include the social pressures by the environment on you directly.

Third is the most important part on which you have the total control. The choices you  make in your life and the challenges you take. It includes the risks you take in your life and how you respond to the challenges in your life. Does setbacks in your life affected you?

These three are closely entangled with each other and each of it has it’s own importance. However what we think is that third one is the most important in it. Which is how you treat your life and how you responds to risks.

So by keeping in mind few practical tips we actually have the power to cultivate our own confidence.

A Quick FixSelf Confidence, 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Give yourself a big smile while performing any task. In case you have a long task to do your posture should show your confidence even if you are down from heart. Physically keep yourself motivated and it will boost your inner self as well to do it. No matter how big the problem is you can do it this way. This will certainly promote feelings of power inside you.

Believe In Your Ability To Improve

If you are going for a long term change consider your abilities first. Now see that whether we can improve them or not. Like Muscles, with the passage of time you can improve your muscles. They are never permanent. While having setbacks the thought that you can improve will help you a lot. In case you think your talent is locked up and you cannot improve you might give up which is not good 🙁 But if you have a growth mind set you will believe that your abilities will certainly improve with time.

Consider a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Even neuroscience supports the growth mind set. The connections inside our brain grows stronger with studies and practice. It is also a fact that people with growth mindset are more successful. They get good grades in every field of life.

Practice Failure

In your life you will fail many times before you reach your goal. J.K Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before one picked the Harry Potter.

The Wright brothers failed many times before building a successful plane. In case Wright Brother give up would they succeed?Self Confidence, 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Studies shows that people who fail often and keep trying are more good in facing challenges. They learn how to try different strategies. They ask other for advice as well.

So think of challenge in life. Go for it and realize that it is not going to be easy. In case you failed give yourself a self talk stand up and go for it again. Just keep one thing in mind that whatever the result may be you are going to learn something from it.

So this is Self Confidence 🙂


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