Realistic Fake Food 7 Foods We Eat Are A Complete Lie

Realistic Fake Food 7 foods we eat are a complete lie

The world is literally changed when it come to food. We are moving from a pure one to the Realistic Fake Food these days. While buying things in the stores these days we often wonder about many things which are unknown to us. Even our own family is buying those things but some f them are total lie.

We are going to reveal some of those foods and don’t forget to check them on your next visit to the stores in your town.

Artificial eggs in the marketRealistic Fake Food 7 Foods We Eat Are A Complete Lie

I would term them as the most unfortunate and clever invention of the century. Yes there are fake eggs in the market these day and we are eating them too. Their low price often attracts us and at the same time puts us in doubt as well. These artificial eggs are made from artificial food coloring, gelatin, water, shell made from wax of paraffin, calcium carbonate, gypsum powder and some other things.

American cheese is not real

American cheese is another food item which seems very comforting to many people because they don’t have to cut it slice by slice. The thing which will shock you is that only 51% is the real cheese in them. So next times when you visit your store do pay attention to its packing and it will shock you.

Unfortunately bananas are also not that much natural

Bananas are one of the healthiest foods and give us a lot of energy as well. This is indeed a fact that there are a lot of banana trees in Asia but not that much to complete the supply of the whole world. Most of the bananas we see in the market are made by people themselves. You must have noticed black spots inside the bananas which also look like seeds but they are not used in the banana production which shows they are not real.

Plastic rice

Yes you are reading right there is plastic rice in the market these days. These are made from potatoes mixed with plastic and natural rice smell is sprayed on them. These are very harmful to our health as we know that plastic is very hard to digest. They make you feel like you have eaten a plastic bag instead of rice. You can easily distinguish between the real and the fake one by burning a grain of them. If you smell plastic from them then they are plastic one. Hot oil can also distinguish the real and the fake rice.

Here is something about PringlesRealistic Fake Food 7 Foods We Eat Are A Complete Lie

According to the company the percentage of chips in their product is just 42%. The dough which makes the slices is made from dehydrated potatoes. Before buying Pringles keep these things in your mind.

Smoothies are worse them Pepsi

You must have thought that naked smoothies are very healthier as their packing shows. They also have a tag of “No Sugar Added.” The truth about them is that they mostly contains sugary item in them. In short the sugar in them is more than a can of Pepsi.

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We all wish to do a healthy breakfast and often select grape-nuts for the breakfast but unfortunately it is not that much healthier as it looks like. They literally have nothing related

with grapes or nuts. According to Post Foods, they actually got this name because they contain grape sugar in their recipe.

Now tell us what were your thoughts previously about these Realistic Fake Food items? Now that you have complete insight about them would you still prefer to buy them? We would love to have your thoughts.

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