Queen Elizabeth 1 Accomplishments “Virgin Queen”

England the kingdom in the world where sun never goes down is now almost vanished from the world and is a democracy now. We at HAW Info are going to discuss Queen Elizabeth 1 Accomplishments and how she ruled in that difficult situation.

Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled England for 44 years.  When she got the power from her half-sister England was in bad conditions but she ruled wisely and that is why her era is also known as “The Golden Age”.

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  • We cannot neglect this as Queen Elizabeth 1 most brilliant accomplishment that she survived to become the Queen of England. As we all know that her mother was executed. Her father branded her as a bastard and the title of princess was snatched from her. That is why she was referred as Lady Elizabeth.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 was also accused of a scandal with Thomas Seymour the husband of her stepmother but she luckily survived that as well. This is also a big accomplishment for Queen Elizabeth 1.
  • Queen Elizabeth also survived the questioning held by her half-sister at the tower of London. She was imprisoned there for the involvement in Protestant rebellion which was led by Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger. Her half-sister was also known as Bloody Mary.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 was a scholar gifted with linguist abilities and was able to speak many languages which include Greek, Latin, Spanish, Welsh and French.
  • The era of Queen Elizabeth 1 saw many literary changes in the country. She had great achievements in the field of art. The big names such as William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlow, Sir Walter Raleigh and Edmund Spencer were in the era of Queen Elizabeth 1.
  • During the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 we saw British expansion overseas as well. Explorers like Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Richard Greenville, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh were all during his era.
  • The renaissance thinking evolved during the era of Queen Elizabeth 1. Secondly, important men like Dr. John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon also emerged during this era.

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  • Queen Elizabeth 1 was considered as a wise ruler. The people of England truly loved her. Her relations with the people were so good.
  • The advisers of Queen Elizabeth 1 were very loyal and wise. She was surrounded by Sir William Cecil, Sir Robert Cecil and Sir Francis Walsingham. Their advises proved helpful in her rule.
  • The most prominent accomplishment of Queen Elizabeth 1 was the defeat of Spanish Armada of 132 by English Fleet with 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels under the command of Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake.
  • The English navy also defeated in further attempts as well during the invasion in 1596 and 1597.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 in her era faced many rebellions as well which includes “The Rising Of The North” from the Irish, Essex Rebellion but she defeated all of them confidently.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 also survived the plots set by Catholics and other conspiracies which include the Babbington plot prominently which involved the Queen of Scots Mary.

Wow Queen Elizabeth 1 Accomplishments are never ending

  • Although Queen Elizabeth 1 had very wise and loyal advisers but she was fully control of all the policies during her rule. This is the reason England prosper in her stable government.
  • The religious policy of Queen Elizabeth 1 was moderate. The introduction of prayer book, the Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity (1559) and the Thirty-Nine Articles (1563) were Protestants in doctrine but had many traditional catholic ceremonies in them. Queen Elizabeth 1 adopted a moderate approach toward religion which helped her.
  • The religion of the country during Queen Elizabeth era was Protestantism.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 supported the needy during her rule; she introduced poor laws which helped them a lot.
  • England emerged as a leading power in the Europe during the rule of Queen Elizabeth 1.
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled at a time when it was thought as manly world but she ruled confidently and intelligently.
  • One of Queen Elizabeth 1 accomplishment was that she defeated Scotland and made a permanent ally of England.

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That was all from us about Queen Elizabeth 1 Accomplishments. We hope you liked the article. What is your opinion about her rule? What are her bad things which you think had bad image on England till now?


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