Picture Story Writing In ISSB Solved Exercise 9 Test Yourself

Here is an Picture Story Writing In ISSB Solved Exercise for you. We hope this picture will give you a clear idea about Picture Story ISSB.


Make a Story from the given picture comprising of six to eight lines.

Picture Story Writing In ISSB Solved Exercise 9 Test Yourself

This Is The Story By A Recommended Candidate:

Hamid is a student. His father promised him that if he gets good grades his father will gift him a guitar. Hamid was very fond of guitar. So he started working hard. After exams he was eagerly waiting for the results. After the results deceleration he got very happy because he got 1st position. His father was also very happy so he brought a guitar for him. Hamid was very happy and he promised himself that he will keep on working hard to make his father proud and happy.

Things To Note:

Hamid is shown as a hard working student. He was very passionate and finally got the prize as well.

Qualities Added:

  • Hard Working
  • Passionate (Got the position for Guitar)

We hope you liked the story and it inspired you as well for the hard work. We will keep on posting the stuff which will be helpful for ISSB. Hard work is something with which you can achieve anything. Share your views regarding the story in the comments below 🙂

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    After having defeat in first round Zia did not lose hope because he knew that still he is having a chance he just focused on the next round. He fought with courage and utilized his energy and won .


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