Pakistani Hakeem’s Stormed You Tube Here Is What They Do

Pakistani Hakeem’s

1 out of every 3rd person of internet visits you tube. What do Pakistani’s have on their you tube? With everything else we also have have hakeems on you tube who are storming it now a days. Pakistani Hakeem’s Stormed You Tube.

Tags like “Mardana Kamzori Ka Ilaj” and many more are seen very often on you tube these days. What is more shocking and sometime their videos are in the trend section of Pakistani You tube.

We are considering 5 out of them. Let’s See What they do on You tube:

Desi Health Tips:

This can be regarded as the leader in the hakeem’s industry. Most of the tips given by this channel are related to sexual diseases. After seeing this channel one thinks all the Pakistani’s are Namard. You know what the channel has more than 500K subscribers as well.

My Help In Health:

This channel is also of the same category and offer vulgar videos to the subscribers. The channel has almost 220K subscribers. Although they have other topics as well but mostly they make videos about sexual problems. They also give the impression that all Pakistani’s are Namard.

Healthy Food:

Name is not as other hakeems are using but this is also a hakeem’s channel. They are bit new in the field and have only 15 subscribers. They also gives sexual treatment related videos but have other topics as well. One thing in which they are different from others is that they have the parcel facility as well. You can ask them for the medicine which is in the video.

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My Health Clinic:

He also started with other things but now is on the track used by other hakeems. This channel also has the parcel facility for it’s customers. Subscribers for this channel are hidden but a rough estimate says they have more then 200K subscribers.

Hakeem Muhammad Sarfaraz:

This hakeem also has the same type of videos. With 180K subscribers he is also storming the you tube with his sex related videos.

Here are some of the questions they need to answer:

  • Are they real hakeem’s?
  • What if their tips ruined someone life?

Government and PTA should step up have a look at them.


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