Non Verbal Intelligence ISSB Test…What’s In It?

Non Verbal Intelligence

The next test after Verbal Intelligence is Non Verbal Intelligence ISSB Test. It comprises of pictures and shapes. The series of shapes are given and we have to find whta comes next. In some cases we need to find the shape which differs from others.

Lets discuss it using some examples.

A problem figure like this is given to the candidate. Here is this picture he needs to find the figure which comes next.

Non Verbal Intelligence ISSB Test

Here in this figure the arrow is moving clockwise and the star goes inside when we see the change from first to second picture. Similarly the arrows will move clockwise and star will go inside the figure so the answer is Part B.

Some Exercises are given Check your intelligence by solving them and let us know if there is any problem.

Non Verbal Intelligence ISSB Test Exercise 1


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