List Of Amazing Facts Of The World 50+ Facts

There are many things in this world which seems quite shocking when we hear about them. They are strange to our ears because sometimes we thought of them as the other way. We at HAW Info today have compiled a list Of Amazing Facts of the World.

So let’s start;

  • An Australian man tried to sell New Zealand on eBay in 2006. However eBay shut that ad but the price went up to 3,000 dollars.
  • In 1999 Google founders tried to sell it for fewer than 1 Million Dollars. Excite was the buyer and they turned down the offer.
  • Ronald Wayne was the third stake holder in Apple but sold his shares in 1976 for just 800$.
  • In Japan it is considered a good luck if Sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.
  • Numbers of life forms in skin are more than people living in the world.
  • There is specie which sleeps by holding their hands and they are otters.
  • Mimic octopus can change its colors as well.
  • The wealth of three richest families in the world is more than 48 poorest countries in the world.
  • There are many corpses on Mount Everest and they are used as way points for climbers.
  • Before 2011 beer was considered as a soft drink in Russia.
  • Did you know? 2/3 people on earth have never seen snow of mountains.

Have you seen it?

  • The weight of a hummingbird is less than a penny.
  • Everybody knows there are many homeless people in US but there are even more empty houses in US.
  • 600 sodas are drink by an American in a year at average.
  • Do you know? You could die trying to prevent a sneeze.
  • Snakes born with two heads fight each other for food.
  • At average a person walks three times the diameter of earth in his lifetime.
  • Sharks have the capability of detecting blood at the 100 millionth part of the sea as well.
  • Jellyfish is made 95% of water.
  • This one is cool. You are 1% shorter in the evening than you are in morning.
  • You need more than 1000 years to watch every video available on YouTube.

That means nobody can watch all the videos

  • The mouth of hippo is wide enough to fit in 4 ft. tall baby.
  • There is specie which can live for several weeks without its head as well! Cockroach.
  • The air in a metro station is mostly human skin.
  • This would surprise you for sure; the strongest muscle in human body is tongue.
  • The most stolen book from public libraries is Guinness World Book Of records.
  • The tongue of giraffe is 21 inch long. It can clean its ears with the tongue.
  • The chances of men are more to be struck by lightning that to 6 times as compared to Woman.

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  • A book with 10 million pages on it can be filled with the words written on twitter daily.
  • A comic book named Donald Ducks was banned from Finland just because he was naked.
  • French had the honor to be the England’s national language for 600 years.
  • Coconut falling can actually kill you.
  • Eyes remain the same from birth to death but ears and nose never stops growing.
  • The color of famous soft drink is green if we take out the coloring from it.
  • Cows also have best friend.
  • Did you know? A big was publically hanged for murdering a child in 1386.

That was so shameful

  • The brain of an ostrich is smaller than its eyes.
  • The average play time in a NFL game is only 12 minutes.
  • Dogs can understand up to 250 words.
  • This one is funny; the fart of blue whale can enclose a complete horse in it.
  • British tanks have the equipment’s for tea making.
  • Reserve Bank of India published the first currency notes of Pakistan.
  • Do you know? Saddam Hussein is also the author of a romantic novel named “Zabiba and the king”.
  • Few restaurants in Taiwan serve food in miniature toilets.
  • There is no clock in the casinos of Las Vegas.
  • 20 banks are robbed at average in a day.
  • Adolf Hitler wanted to be a priest in his childhood.
  • Global warming helped settling a dispute between India and Bangladesh as the island drowned.
  • Flutterflies in the old name of butterflies.
  • Carrots use to be purple in old ages.
  • Darwin ate every animal he discovered in his life.
  • The surface area of Russia is larger than Pluto.
  • Out of every 20 people one has an extra rib.

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We hope you liked List Of Amazing Facts Of The World for sure. Which one of them was most shocking for you? Wanna add some facts to the list? Comment below and keep the list rolling.


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