ISSB Sentence Completion…Do’s And Don’t {English}

ISSB Sentence Completion

Well the most important test in the whole ISSB is the psychology test which has a ISSB Sentence Completion as well. Psychological test automatically refers to the mind. What do they need in your mind? Of course positive , resourcefulness and creativity. Never ever think of making a sentence which shows you as a pessimist. You always need to make sentence which shows you as a fine and positive gentleman who finds positive in almost everything of life. He should not be a critic of everything.

We will give you some examples below which will give you a clear idea about sentence making.

⦁ If he fails ………………..

Well the ideal sentence for this is obviously {If he fails he will try again}

Explanation: The sentence shows that the man is positive and will never give up on things which he want to achieve in life.

⦁ During vacation ………………

{During vacations Ali visited his grand father}

Explanation: The sentence is good as it shows he keeps well being of his family and utilize his free time in visiting other places and is a adventurous guy.

⦁ She smiled  ……………..

She smiled after seeing his father.


Here is the first exercise for you solve it.

Sentence Completion Exercise Solved {English}

Let us know how well you made or for further guidance comment below we will respond you.


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