ISSB Sentence Completion {Urdu} Tips You Need To Know

ISSB Sentence Completion

Well you need to be good in your national language as well to pass ISSB Sentence Completion Urdu. There are 26 sentences in Urdu in the Psychological test. Here again the main thing is positive and time management is also very important.

The time is limited so you only whatever is in your mind. So what should be in mind is the question? Well obviously your mind should be constructive, resourceful and positive in all regards. The thing which you should avoid in your complete test is criticism on any thing.

We already told you that test is not to test you sentence making ability. It is to test your inner thoughts. Try to attempt maximum questions out of it. Making maximum sentences doesn’t means writing anything. Try to make positive and sensible sentences.

The exercise in the link is solved by a candidate who was recommended by the ISSB board. See the exercise and get an idea what you need to write there. Here is an exercise for you. We hope that it will help you in your tests.

Sentence Completion Solved Exercise

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