Funny Facts About Men You Never Knew 50+ Facts

Well, today topic is quite naughty as we at HAW Info are going to discuss some funny facts about men which you never knew before.

So Let’s get to it straight away;

First of all I would say that stop expecting a normal and gentleman behavior from men. They are naughty and everybody knows that. Today we are going to share some funny facts about men and believe me they are weird but somehow very awesome in few ways.

  • Mostly men enjoy long and romantic walks with their life partner.
  • They waste thousands of liters of petrol in driving here and there but don’t ask for directions from anybody at all.
  • One of the most important things they often forget is putting toilet papers on the roll. This is something they expect only women to do.
  • If you ever find some dirty under wear and socks around you guess what? A man is around somewhere.
  • This one is quite amazing a woman speaks an average of 7,000 words a day and a men only 2,000. Yup you are reading right.
  • Never expect of any attention from a men especially during the playoffs season.
  • Front lawn is the holiest places for men never ever try to mess with it.
  • If you ever wish to gift them something, select something with shiny black parts because it makes them feel very cool.
  • Never ask men about what they are thinking because they can spend hours without thinking anything.
  • Do you know? Unfaithful men have low IQ level.
  • This fact about men is quite funny, they spent almost a year of their whole life staring at woman.
  • Mostly men are liars; they lie almost 6 times a day on average whereas woman just lies 3 times a day.
  • Men having their laptop in their lap mostly suffer infertility.
  • An average man spends almost 6 months during his entire lifetime in shaving; isn’t it a shocking fact about men.

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  • It is a general Funny Facts About Men that men with shaved head are stronger than men with hairs.
  • Those men having attractive wives are more satisfied in their marital life than those with ugly wives.
  • One of the most shocking facts about men is that a 99 year old man divorced his 96 year old wife after discovering a relationship she had long ago.
  • A man even married a dog in India.
  • This one is quite interesting a man bought a house with a middle finger on it as a statue just to show it to her ex-wife who lived next to him.
  • It was men who first started wearing heels.
  • In Russia and Brazil the suicide rate of men is 6 times more than that of women.
  • Men have 50% less body fat as compared to females in the world.
  • The voice change of boys after puberty is much more than that of females.
  • During the age of 12 to 14 boys start experiencing puberty.
  • The brain of an adult man is larger in size then that of a woman.
  • Most of the men (59%) think that a high pay and nice career is the most important thing in life.
  • Men mostly think it is harder to live in the world as they are advancing further and previous generations were in comfort.
  • In England men with ages 35 to 40 are mostly so fat that they cannot even see their penises.
  • Do you know? Fat men last longer in bed with their partner.
  • The diet of a man directly affects his semen.
  • When it comes to fertility carrots are good for it.
  • Men are more likely to say “I Love You” to women then the woman.

Isn’t the Funny Facts About Men romantic

  • This one is going to make you sad. Men are more likely to be struck by lightning then woman.
  • Men like barbecue more than woman.
  • Phones with buttons are more liked by men. It makes them feel more important.
  • Men mostly love to read the newspaper in the morning.
  • The way a man looks into mirror shows whether he can care about anyone else or not.
  • Never try to tell something to men in public they really hate it. They love to learn in private.
  • Watches with multiple features are liked by men.
  • Men are very sensitive at times.
  • The body temperature of men is higher than that of woman.
  • They hate shopping.
  • When four or more men meet each other, they are going to discuss sports for sure.
  • When it comes to compliments men accept much better than woman.
  • Men are more self-confident than woman.
  • Men mostly forget things more than that of woman.
  • Death rate is more in baby boys as compared to baby girls.
  • Average height for men living in US is 5’9”.
  • The life expectancy of men is lower than woman. Men have 64 years and woman 68 years.
  • Heart disease is the most common reason for death of men.
  • The biological symbol for male sex and the planet Mars is same.
  • Worldwide 107 baby boys are born for 100 baby girls in the world.
  • Men blink 11 times a minute as compared to woman who blinks 19 times a day.

We hope you liked the Funny Facts About Men. What about adding some more facts to it and keep the list going?

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