Biggest Companies In The World 10 Firms Secretly Controlling World

Biggest Companies In The World

Hi again, It’s team HAW Info once again with another article. This time we will talk about Biggest Companies In The World or you can say 10 Companies That Are Secretly Controlling The World. Yes guys these 10 companies in one way or another are controlling the complete world. They revenue and audience is so huge that they can do any thing in the world at any time.

Let’s have a look at the list


Biggest Companies In The World

The first company on the list is NESTLE. The brand which owns 8500 different brands in the world. Their brand list is so big that you cannot think about it. Their audience are in 80 countries in the world. The brands like Kit Kat and Milky Bar are also the part of NESTLE. The chocolate giants also owns so many other things.

23% cosmetics industry is also owned by NESTLE. L’Oreal a giant is cosmetic is a subsidiary of NESTLE. In short the reach of NESTLE is more than your imagination and thus controlling the world. You must be thinking how they are managing all this? Well it’s not good for you all the time. They had some issues in the past due to their Mineral Water supply in Pakistan. Even then the company managed to overcome the problem and still leads the Pakistani industry.


Biggest Companies In The World

Global military expenditure are more than 1.7 trillion $ every year. This is the reason their is a company supplying military material made to this list. LOCKHEED MARTIN is the world largest weapon manufacturer and that is why hold a lot of power in world events. They have 1,26,00 employs all around the world. Their profit is 69.3 Billion $ every year. Defense needs of the whole world rely on LOCKHEED. Even the 10% funds of pentagon goes to LOCKHEED. They are also accused of lobbying and supporting the candidates during US elections which concentrate more on weapons and wars.

Their supply is not limited to US. They also supply weapons to Germany, UK, India, Israel and many other countries. This shows their grip over the world events.


Biggest Companies In The World

This company related to technology has a lot of influence in the world. We see their is great competition between PCs and Mac. Even in case of Laptops their is a lot of varieties. Companies like Apple, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Dell and many more have a big market. Does it matter because they all are produced by Quanta.

Quanta is Taiwan based company which was founded back in 1988. According to an estimate the company has 31% market share of the technology world.


Biggest Companies In The World

It’s no secret that alcohol play a big role in the society. 56% of American adults drink alcohol almost every month. According to an estimate 88,000 people die every year due to alcohol. Many more are having other health problems due to Alcohol.

The amount of market it looks like but let me tell you their is no big competition in this. All the brands come from INBEV. Only in America it controls the 46% beer market. Their net profit is 3.4 billion $ a year. In short whenever you buy a brand of beer in one way or another it belonged to INBEV.


Biggest Companies In The World

The giant produce pain killers, antibiotics and many more things in the pharma industry. PFIZER is American based global company which is making 40$ billion profit every year. This is the largest research based drug maker whose audience are in 150 countries. Therefore the company has control over all the world.

Drug giant was also fined 100 million $ for hiking the price of a drug by 2600% in a night. Even then the company doesn’t stop and have control over a lot of other products. They also has a lot of audience in animal health care industry.


Biggest Companies In The World

One of the biggest publishers when it comes to education. 60% of its sales go to United States and it operates in 70 other countries as well. The company own numerous publishing giants like Penguins, Harcourt and Prentice Hall.

They have so much control over the publishing industry that in US starting from Kindergarten to College you study Pearson books. Even the teachers are ceritified by Pearson and that is why the hike their prices without anyone stopping them.

According to huffington post, text prices increased by 812% in the last 30 years.

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Biggest Companies In The World

Bankers play an important role in stabilizing any economy. The power of the banks starts from small local products and even bother the big scale decisions by the courts. If we combine the wealth of the 10 largest banks in the world it would be 25.1 trillion $ which is enough to run United States for more than 7 years.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is indeed the strongest bank in the whole world. The most powerful bank on the planet has over 3 trillion $ assets. It also reigns at the top of Forbes list of Worlds’s Biggest Public Company. It has a market value of 216 billion $.

The banks influence is not only in China. It has foothold in every continent except Antarctica. Nearly half a million people are employed by this bank. They are further increasing their hold by turning other major banks into their subsidiaries. For example Turkeys Tekstile Bank and South Africa Standard bank is a subsidiary of ICBC.


Biggest Companies In The World

Monsanto is an American bio technology company specialization in agriculture products. It has a worth of 65 billion dollars. Monsanto has total control over American seed industry. 80% corn industry of America is controlled by Monsanto. This may not seem to be a big monopoly but corn is an essential ingredient to many other products. For example it is used in corn, corn syrup, gas, glue, makeup, soap, toothpaste, aspirin, diapers and even the household bricks.

Despite this much big control in the industry the reputation of Monsanto is not good. they are labelled as corporate evil in the industry. This is mainly because their ruthless treatment with their competitors.


Biggest Companies In The World

We all know about the importance of Media in our life these days. That is why the media giant is listed 2nd on the list. Over the years the Walt-Disney company acquired few high profile production companies. Marvel is now subsidiary of Disney. More than half of the highest grossing movies of the last decade were Disney’s production. This shows their tight grip over the film world.

They are also known for their world class theme parks. Their reach don’t stop their. They also own some TV channels which includes abc, ESPN and even the History Channel. That is why Disney is one of the Biggest Companies In The World.

1-Alphabetic Inc.

Biggest Companies In The World

Well we all know that Google is the 2nd most valuable brand in the world. They have a revenue of 50.6 billion $ in 2016. In single second over 40,000 search queries are made on Google. You tube has a reach of well over 1 billion people, which is almost third of the people on the internet.

Here is something interesting you never knew before is that Google is owned by a lesser known company Alphabet Inc. Hence, Alphabet Inc. which the world famously know as Google is the Biggest Companies In The World

So these are the Biggest Companies In The World.

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Do you think their should be some other company on the list?


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