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Well we are going to talk about the heroes of the world who are ready anytime to do any mission. Yes I am talking about the best trained army in the world. Today at HAW Info we are going to discuss in detail which country has the best soldiers in the world. Who has the most advanced military in the world?

We live in a world which is in dire need of professional armies because of the increasing terrorism and insurgencies. Mostly armies try to keep their strength and technologies secret from other but wars can prove their metal and tell what all they have. Battlefield is the only place which shows their true potential. Some armies are having edge over the others due to their hard training and advance equipment. These armies therefore prepared Special Forces within themselves which are trained to live and fight in every situation a country can face. These Special Forces are the identity of these armies.

So here are the best trained armies in the world as per facts and figures.

10-US RangersBest Trained Army In The World

They were formed in back 1970s. The ability to remain undetected makes them best in the world. These commandos were trained for the first time by the British commandos. Their main training includes airfield seizure, direct action, air assaults and airborne.

9-Polish GROMBest Trained Army In The World

This special force is specially designed to tackle terrorism. GROM stands for Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego. This means Group of Operational-Maneuvering Reaction. The tests are quite tough to join this service. Tests include trust test, durability test and psychological tests. Sniping and parachuting are important part of training in Polish GROM.

This force was trained and formed on the principles of British SAS, US Navy seals and Delta Force. The number of soldiers in this force is not more than 300. Polish GROM had been with US Navy seals in many operations and it is said that it gave many new ideas to Navy seals for training.

8-Shayetet 13Best Trained Army In The World

This is a branch of Israel Navy. The force was established back in 1948. However it came in the mainstream during 1960th. There are three main units in this special force which includes Raids, above water and underwater. The training period of 6 months this includes basic infantry training. The force did the operation Escort in 1969 in which Egyptian p-183 torpedo-boats was destroyed.

They are quite familiar with the US navy seals and often are called Israel Navy Seals.

7-Green Berets USBest Trained Army In The World

These are the elite commando units of US. One unit has only 12 members in it. They are mostly trained for guerilla and subversion wars. The members of this force are also familiar with the foreign languages as well. Before coming to this special service tenure of 3 years in the army is necessary for all the soldiers.

The hard training of this force distinguishes them from all others. The training includes these things. Firearm proficiency, linguistics, tactical shooting, psychology, cultural communication, first aid, sniping, evasion, hand to hand combat, survival and intelligence gathering. They are trained to a maximum level to make sure that they survive in all the conditions.

6-The Delta ForceBest Trained Army In The World

This is one of the secret units. It was made popular thanks to Chuck Norris in a 1986 movie. It was established in October 1977 by U.S. Army Colonel Charles Beckwith. It includes individuals who are carefully chosen according to physical and mental condition.

They are often regarded as the most secretive force in the world as well. Most of the missions done by The Delta Force are not publically told. The training and selection process is tougher than any other Special Force in the world.

Delta Force is also inspired by British SAS. It was formed a former SAS soldier who urged US that it needed a force like this. They are also called the best shooters in the world second to only US secret services.

A former recruiter told that only 12 to 14 people passed the fitness test for the service where he tested 240 US soldiers.

Following are main exercises during the training of Delta Force;

  1. Combined Skills
  2. Marksmanship
  3. Breaching and Demolitions
  4. Executive Protection
  5. Culmination Exercise

5-Indian MARCOSBest Trained Army In The World

Previously they were called Marine Commando Force. Marine commandos of Indian Army are called Indian MARCOS. This is a special unit of Indian Navy previously known as Marine Commando Force. The equipment’s of these MARCOS are very advance and they receive tough training. The training is almost of 3 years.

The rejection rate in this heavy training force is 98% which shows how difficult it is. They are trained on the pattern of US Navy seals.

Following are the famous operations by Indian MARCOS.

  1. Operation Pawan.
  2. Operation Cactus.
  3. Kargil War
  4. Operation Tasha
  5. Operation Zaburdast
  7. Operation Rakshak
  8. Operation Leech
  9. Protecting offshore oil rigs and platforms
  10. Operation Swan.
  11. Operation Black Tornado

4-Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)Best Trained Army In The World

SSG is one of the best special forces of the world. Their identity is Maroon Berets. Their main task is the counter terrorism but they are fully trained to perform other special recon missions and unconventional warfare. There are 6 units in Pakistan Special Service Group of which consist of almost 7000 men.

The training of these Special Forces is one of the toughest in the world. Their training reportedly include 5 mile run in 50 minutes and 36 mile march in 12 hours. These are just two tasks by the SSG during their training imagining how good they are trained. This shows their strength and power.

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The force came into highlight when in 2009 they stormed GHQ for a rescue operation and rescued 39 men which were made hostage by Talibans. They are also known for their participation in Indo-Pak war and Afghan war.

The best operation done so far in the world is by SSG when they rescued school bus from talibans in just 20 seconds by killing three Talibans.

The training of Pakistan’s Special Service Group is similar to US Special Forces and they both did many operations with each other in the Cold war era.

Their major operations include the Indo-Pak war in 1965. They also fought the 1971 Indo-Pak war. SSG is said to have direct battle with Russian troops in the Afghan war. These forces also remained active during the Siachin and Kargil wars.

The operations to the name of SSG are countless as the country is fighting against terrorism so the main force leading the operations is Pakistan’s Special Service Group.

3-Russian SpetsnazBest Trained Army In The World

The force came into being during the cold war in 1970s. Their training is very tough and they can adjust in any condition.

Their training is so hard that it would be illegal in US or other western countries. These forces of Russia have the best weapons in the world any one can think of. These forces are thought to be the toughest one when it comes to interrogation and they enjoy pain.

Russian forces came under immense criticism in 2002 when during a rescue operation the gas used by them killed 129 hostages.

These forces came to highlight during the Afghan war with their skills to kill the opponents.

The major operations by the Russian Spetsnaz include Operation The Crab Affair in which a British diver was rescued. They are also known for direct conflict with Pakistan’s Special Service Group in the Afghan War. The forces also proved their metal in The Beirut hostage crisis.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union it performed many operations which includes Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis in 1995. The forces also fought the second Chechen War. It also did the Beslan school siege.

2-Navy SealsBest Trained Army In The World

This includes the US navy’s Air, sea and land teams. Their physical capabilities are one of the best in the world. In terms of budget they have no match in the US this is why they can train in almost all the climate scenario and geographical locations.

They have the advantage of the battlefield as well as we know US has been in war since cold war. They have not only experience but proven results as well which shows they are best. The advance technology used by the US Navy seals also gives them an edge.

The interesting thing about these seals is that they are the most hired security personals in the world after their retirement to look after security training in many countries.

US Navy seals are around since WW2 and they have a long track of successful mission in the world. At the end their huge defense budget helps them train in every condition.

They have to do 42 push-ups in 2 minutes, run 1.5 miles in 11 minutes and 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and that is before training starts. You can imagine what they become after the training.

The most important operation to their name till date is Operation Neptune Spear in which they flew to Abbotabad, Pakistan in 2011 and killed Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda.

1-British SASBest Trained Army In The World

This is a unit of the British army. It was founded back in 1941. This force is known as one of the most deadly forces in the world. The operations related to counter terrorism and covert operations are the main duty of this force. The force is given hard training in desert warfare and high mountains. The trainers of SAS are best soldiers and most capable operatives in the world which makes them one of the best forces in the world.

You can judge the training and quality of the force that all the Special Forces in the world follow the pattern and military model acquired by British SAS.

The founder of US Delta Force first spent some time with the British SAS and understood their system and implemented it on Delta Force. We can say that British are the leaders in making the Special Forces and till date are thought as ideals.

British SAS is also referred to as the original Special Forces as it inspired many other forces in the world which are made on its pattern.

The slogan of the force is “Who Dares Wins”.

US general were also reported saying that US could not win war in Iraq without British SAS.

We hope you liked the list of Best Trained Army In The World. Which one of the them is your personal favorite and why?

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