Android Secrets And Tricks Guess What Are These Hacks

Android Secrets And Tricks

Google has changed the world. In short we can say that Google is the new trend in every field related to technology and internet. The smart phones using the Google made technology Android are not hidden from anyone. We at HAW Info compiled some Android Secrets and Tricks for you and hope that they will help you.

As day by day the users of android are increasing in the world. So many people using these smart phones are unaware of some of its features. We decided to share an article with you with all these hidden tricks and secrets of the android phone.

So let’s move to our topic;

Force Reboot:

Android phones hang very often is something complained by many users. In case your device freezes you can start its reboot instead of doing other things which can irritate you at times.

Now the question is how to do that?

You just need to press the power button + Home Key + Volume Up Button at the same time to reboot your device.

Google Access (Quick)

The world will literary stop without internet and similarly internet will stop without Google. Many users out there are not familiar with the option of accessing the internet with just a click

Here is how to do it;

Press the menu key and then hold it for couple of seconds, your Google search will be launched.

Reboot Android (In Safe Mode)

Everybody knows that we can reboot our android like computers. We are going to tell you how to reboot your android phone are a way which is safer. The latest version of Android- Jelly Bean allows rebooting the device in safe mode. If something went wrong in your phone kindly reboot it by following these steps;

Press the power button for a while

Long press the power off button. (This step will help in hunting down the problem you are facing)

If it is rebooting in safe mode then it will show you a confirmation message. All the 3rd party applications will stop working when we will reboot it in safe mood. This is quite helpful because if some third party application is troubling your device then hunt it down.

Unlock Your Phone Via Face Detection:

The option of unlocking your phone using face detection is available in Jelly Bean and Kit Kat Version of the android. In order to make it more secure, Jelly Bean version added another layer of protection in which the face detection is not enough we need to blink our eyes as well. The function enables more security as it is proof that the person is live and the action to unlock the phone is not illegal. Isn’t it more secure?

Here is how you can use this feature;

Go to setting > Security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock 

Detail Information about your phone:

Now we can have complete insight regarding our device. This information includes phone information, usage statistics, WiFi and battery information.

You can use this features by dialing *#*#4636#*#*

This also informs you about DNS check, Application time, battery usage and many more.

Moving your apps to SD card:

This is recommended to you. Try installing all your apps on your SD card. In case you already have them in your phone memory then this function will allow you to move it to SD card.

Here are the steps for moving the apps to SD card

Go to settings > Application settings > Manage applications > Select the app you wanted to move, you will see the option “Move to SD card”. Isn’t it simple?

These Android Secrets and Tricks are awesome what do you say?

Factory reset and hard reset your android phone:

You can format your phone in two ways;

Hard reset:

If you wish to hard reset your phone dial *2767*3855#, all you data from internal and external SD card will be removed.

Note: Your all settings will also be deleted. Don’t try this unless you are sure that you want to format phone because there will be no confirmation message.

Factory reset:

This enables your phone to the factory settings. I mean your all settings will go to default and internal data will be deleted.

Here is how to factory reset phone; *#*#7780#*#*

Context Menu:

You can customize your android phone by these additional options. Long press the screen.

Note: It is similar to the right click menu of some operating systems.

Screen shots on android phone:

You can take screen shot of your screen without using any 3rd party application. Keep this thing in mind that the procedure varies among different android versions.

Most of the devices use this procedure; press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. This trick is quite simple and amazing.

Warnings for data limits:

Go to your settings menu and select the option of “Data Usage”. This option enables you to find the graph of data usage in your device by all the applications you have in phone.

In this menu you can set the warnings for yourself. There are many tricks and tips of android phone which if known can increase the speed and battery timing of your phone. So keep an eye on data usage of your apps.

See notifications even after cleaning them:

Sometimes by mistakes we remove all our notifications without even seeing them. Now we can see them again. Go to widgets, “Setting shortcut” select notifications there. This will enable you to see notification shortcut on the home screen. Open this shortcut and you have all your notifications.

Here is the path in detail; Widgets > Settings shortcut > Notifications.

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Documents can be digitized:

As we know that quality of camera in smartphones is improving day by day. No need of any scanner anymore. Evernote, CamScanner and Google Drive are the apps which can easily do this job for you.

Identify the songs instantly:

Now that we have Siri and Cortana no more need of going to Google to find out what sing is playing. You just need a voice command for it “What song is this?”

Have some contact details on the lock screen:

In case you lost your phone and someone else finds it. How can they access you? Here is a feature which enables them to get to you. This option is in settings on android phone, in case of iOS the option is health and for Windows phone you yourself have to edit your wallpaper for this.

Turn off your Wi-Fi with your voice:

Once again Siri, Cortana and Google Now is here at your service. They close your Wi-Fi on your voice command. You just have to say “Turn Off Wi-Fi” and it’s done. This feature applies for Bluetooth as well. These Android Secrets and Tricks are awesome and so easy to follow.

Computer can be controlled with phone:

Now there are some apps which allow controlling computer using phone. YouTube and Spotify have some built in features for remote control. If you wish to control your laptop and computer then have a look at Unified Remote and Alfred and you are done.

Keyboard Changing Options:

Now your android phone allows you to use any third party keyboard as well. The third party keyboard is mostly used to have more emojis and some new auto correct options to your phone.

Speed up charging:

Many of you would be familiar with this option of the android phone which allows you to speed up charging. Charge your phone in aeroplane mode and it would speed up charging.

Hidden safe mode:

There is a hidden safe mode in android as well like that of Windows. All the third party apps are completely disabled. This is quite useful for troubleshooting. On stock Android, Bring up the Power off menu with the power button then long press on it.

Set Alarm to get Louder and Louder:

Here is a option in android phones which can easily wake you up. While setting the clock there are three vertical dots into the menu from main alarm page. There you will have an option which says that gradually increase volume. This extra sound will pull you out of bed.

These android secrets and tips are quite helpful in our daily life.

Take photos with hardware button:

If you wish to experience the amaze and thrill of a camera then you can also snap the pictures with the volume button in your android phone. Isn’t it amazing?

Save your battery:

Choosing black and simple dark background for your android screen can save a lot of your battery. When you select any of the two as background the pixel highlighting will turn off, thus helping to save battery.

Note: This feature is not for all android phones. Samsung phones and tablets are using it.

You have the option of Text to speech:

If you want to hear the information this is possible with the android phones.

Here is how to enable it; Go to settings > Accessibility and turn on the option of text to speech output. Simple you are done.

Guest Mode:

Now you can give your phone to someone else and decide what all he or she can access on your phone.

Here is how to do it; Swipe down from the top with 2 fingers, and touch user icon on the upper right corner. An option of Add guest will appear, now choose what all that person is allowed to take from your phone.

Screen Magnifier:

This android secrets and tips are simply amazing and this one is superb for people with poor eyesight. Their screen can be magnified.

Here is how to do it;

Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures, now you can magnify any part of the screen by just tapping it.

Control your smartphone with head movements

In case your hands are busy somewhere else now you can you can control your smartphone with your head movements as well. There is a free app named EVA Facial Mouse install it and control your android phone with head movements.

Secret Game:

There is a secret game in the android phones as well which most of you are not familiar with.

Here is how you can find that game; Got to settings > Choose about phone or tablet > quickly tab android version many times > a small marshmallow appears on the screen > now tap it quickly. A special mini game will appear try it now.

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We hope you liked the Android Secrets And Tricks for sure and gonna use them in future. Let’s keep rolling the list. Add some Android Secrets And Tricks you knew to our list by commenting it below 🙂


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