Amir And Faryal Are Splitting And War Of Words Started

The famous boxer Amir is in the news again and this time because of his personal life. Amir And Faryal Divorced Yes it is true Amir Khan and her wife Faryal are splitting but that is not the end of the story there started a war of words which is taking out things which is not good for both of them.

Here is what they both said on their twitter accounts.

Here is what his wife said

Then Amir came with another sad tweet

And Faryal responded back

And then Amir blamed her wife for having relations with another boxer.

Then again Faryal responded back

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Here is what else Faryal said

At the end whatever is between them but this kind of public comments is destroying their images. They need to stop it and now let bygones be bygones.

What do you say about their ridiculous comments about each other?


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